Unreal Tournament 3

Year of the release: 2007
Genre: FPS
Developer: Epic Games
Publishing house: Midway Games
Platform: PC
Type of the publication: the license
Language of the interface: only English
Tabletka: It does not be required

Demo the version of the continuation of great shutera.
Kibersportsmeny and simply the amateurs of net battles can from now on sleep and see pink, or more precisely, blood-red sleeps - Unreal Tournament returns! Return legendary mul'tipleyernyy shuter - in the new drawing, with even the more sharpened balance of weapon, potryasayushche with the thought-out design of levels and by valuable singlom.

It is generally necessary to speak separately about the graph. The made taking into account the future technical progress, cursor Unreal Engine 3 causes admiration in developers 0 0N throughout the world - even now several ten most important companies rights to its use in their games acquired. Evidently on everything - Unreal Tournament 3 promises to become if not flag officer, then one of the leaders Next- gene of motion.

The squall of the innovations, which, preserving best of the previous parts, must considerably diversify geympley, awaits players. Each of the sides of conflict will acquire by their own heavy technology, which will seriously differ also in its exterior view, and it is functional. Serious innovation - Hoverboard. This is something like skeytborda, but without the wheels, which steams in air and is used for the rapid adjustment in the place of battle.

Single regime will be, moreover actually valuable. Main hero of game - former miner of the mining colony the twin Of soulz on the nickname Of riper. During the massirovannoy attack of extraterrestrial forces it loses its mother and friends. Only person, fate of which is significant To riperu, its sister. Its protection, and at the same time also vengeance aggressors become purpose its lives...

System requirements:
Minimum System Requirements
Windows xp SP2 Or Windows vista
2.0+ ghz Single Core Processor
512 mbytes of System RAM
NVIDIA 6200+ or ATI Radeon 9600+ video Card
8 gb of Free Hard Drive Space

Recommended System Requirements
2.4+ ghz Dual Core Processor
1 GBytes of System RAM
NVIDIA 7800GTX+ Or ATI X1300+ Video Card
8 gb of Free Hard Drive Space


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