Need For Speed Carbon

Need for Speed: Carbon, also known as NFS Carbon or NFSC is an Electronic Arts video game belonging to the Need for Speed series. It is the tenth installment, preceded by Need for Speed: Most Wanted and succeeded by Need for Speed: ProStreet.
Driving through Carbon Canyon in route to Palmont City, a flashback of what seems to be a race against Kenji, Angie, and Wolf comes to the player's mind. A police incident at the end of the race forces the player to make a hasty escape from Palmont. In present day, former Police Sergeant now turned bounty hunter Cross in his Chevrolet Corvette chases the player down the canyon[5] leading to his BMW M3 GTR being totaled. Shortly before Cross can arrest the player, Darius and his crew arrive. Darius compensates Cross, and the player meets up with Nikki, an ex-girlfriend, on bad terms.


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