Road Rash

Road Rash | ISO | Filesize: 400 Mb
Popular, violent motor racegame through towns, deserts, mountains, etc.
ISO-file for burning or mounting with no-cd crack and instructions

Road Rash has long been a favorite among those gamers with a penchant for blood and speed. Originally released for the Sega Genesis earlier, the first version sported unprecedented graphics and action that was fast enough to give the player a real adrenaline rush. No other motorcycle game before Road Rash had been this realistic, and certainly none had incorporated combat. Each of RR's many incarnations since has offered graphic improvements upon the original and has taken advantage of the varied platforms' power, but all have failed to be as inspiring as they could have been. Until recently, the game lacked a critical competitive element; after all, it's really not much fun to wail on a fellow "rasher" with a chain if you know they're just part of the game. If that "rasher" is being controlled by your roommate or your girlfriend, however, the action takes on a whole new dimension. With the new Windows 95 version of Road Rash and its eight-player capability, the old standard now has the power to addict.

System requirements:
• Pentium P-200
• Windows 95 and above

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