Medal Of Honor AA : Spearhead

Engage the enemy in a series of all-new WWII missions in this Expansion Pack for Medal of Honor Allied Assault. Drop behind enemy lines on D-Day, escort a supply truck to safety, and locate top-secret documents in Berlin before the Russians lay siege to the city. Your tour of duty continues now.

A few hours after escorting the supply truck to your fellow soldiers, youre all finally sitting around enjoying some of the hard-fought spoils of combat. In a flash, the scene turns to chaos. A barrage of enemy shells shatters the nighttime quiet, and youÆre in the midst of an all-out firefight. With German infantry and tanks storming across the open field, youÆll need to think fast. From picking off the enemy one at a time with your sniper rifle, to mowing them down with a mounted machine-gun, to taking out Tiger tanks with a bazooka, use whatever it takes to stop the advance.

Spearhead begins with a scene that could have been taken straight out of Band of Brothers: It's D-Day, and you're on a transport plane that will soon drop you into Normandy. As explosions rock the aircraft, you stand up, perform an equipment check, and then take your turn jumping out of the plane. Once outside, you descend 3,000 feet through a chaotic sky full of other paratroopers, AA tracers, planes, and bursting shells, finally crashing through the roof of a barn crawling with Nazis. The entire episode is presented seamlessly, and it's one of the most impressive opening scenes ever created for a first-person shooter.

Installation Information:
For CDKEY use 5000-0000000-0000000-5039 or use list of serials in /crack dir.


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