The Cameron Files 2 : Pharaoh's Curse

An Ancient Evil Awakes... and the Pharaoh no longer slumbers. Investigate the disappearance of the Pharaoh.

An ancient ritual revisited awakens a Pharaoh long dead and entombed. You must piece together the clues to discover the real reason why the mummy is missing. Investigate the kidnapping of one of the members of an archeological team, travel the Nile on a steamboat, explore the Cairo Museum of Antiquities, meet a cast of interesting characters... and solve the mystery behind the empty tomb. Exotic locations, danger and intrigue await you in the mysterious sands of Egypt.

That Pharaoh's Curse has an Egyptian theme is probably obvious, given the title. But it probably wouldn't be a surprise anyway, considering that Egypt is in a three-way-tie with Atlantis and mysteriously abandoned space stations for uninspired adventure game premises. You play as Alan P. Cameron, a private investigator who borrowed his first name from Alan Quartermain, his hat from Indiana Jones, and, apparently, his concept of a private investigator from both of them. Cameron has been hired to investigate an archeological dig in Egypt, where he faces plenty of Nazis and locked doors along the way.

•Explore the beautifully detailed environments: from a Nile steamboat to the secret temple of Mвat.
•A complex mystery and a progressive investigation, with a touch of the supernatural, all combine for a rich storyline.
A gripping graphical adventure certain to capture the imagination.
•Original score and wonderfully immersive ambient sounds.
•Hours and hours of exciting and challenging gameplay, with engaging puzzles through the adventure.



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